EGR Valves or Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves are fitted to most Post-2000 vehicles and are designed to reduce emissions to meet certain manufacturer requirements. They are meant to do this by taking the gases which are exiting the vehicle via the exhaust, and before they do so, pump them round to the front of the engine, to the air inlet, to be burnt through again. The theory is that the gases get burnt twice, and therefore the final emissions leaving the exhaust are reduced. However, in practice EGR Valves are common to failure due to the type of gases and carbon deposits which pass through them. As displayed in these photographs, EGR’s are commonly blocked with a thick build up of carbon, to the point where the valve doesn’t move / operate in the way it should. The consequences of this are; inefficient and rough running of the engine (especially on low revs or start up), DPF issues, Engine Management Lights, Limp Mode and many more. So why blank and delete your EGR? Firstly, EGR Valves are expensive to replace, parts are costly and hours of labour required in the process, whilst no guarantee the problem wont return. By blanking and mapping out the EGR, we guarantee a solution to your EGR nightmare. As well as this, the fundamental design of an EGR Valve is to put all the soot, carbon and gases leaving the vehicle, back through your engine. This causes harmful build up on engine components, shortening their lifespan as well as the issues covered above. By blanking the EGR and changing the duty cycle within the ecu software the gases are prevented from recirculating which makes for a much cleaner, smoother running engine, whilst pro-longing components. For more information on EGR Valves, feel free to contact us and we shall be happy to answer any questions.


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