Tractor / Agriculture Tuning In Kent & Sussex & Essex 

It’s not only cars vans truck & motorhomes we can tune but also TRACTORS & COMBINE HARVESTERS! We are originally from a farming background as we started our apprenticeship in agricultural mechanics for a new holland main dealer . Unleash the power from your agricultural workhorse to perform at its full potential!

Most tractors are purchased in power ratings which relate to their model number, this is mainly just software that restricts it from what harboured power it has to offer . We can tune these safely & efficiently using the latest tooling available. This will aid you in towing / ploughing / traveling between farms & even save £££ on fuel bills . So why pay £1000’s for the next model up when we can tune your tractor to the same spec for a fraction of the price! We have our own fully equipped mobile tuning van which allows us to supply this as a ‘on farm service’ so no down time or travelling costs.

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