We operate one of the most renowned and respected 2wd Rolling Roads “ Dyno “ in the industry, the Dimsport D2FS2 is capable of testing your vehicle power output up to approximately 1200bhp & 2000nm and is known to be brutally accurate.This is primarily used on a daily basis to compare and check original power of vehicles then proving true gains after our Ecu remapping session. Our dyno allows us to test vehicles that are either front wheel or rear wheel drive including some 4wd vehicles such as pick up trucks &  VAG cars fitted with Haldex where the engine is in the transverse position for example vw golf R / Audi S3 etc.


Our Dyno Cell is set up with all the necessary equipment which includes a large cooling fan / rear fresh air draft fans / AFR probe kit / straps + slings / multiple strapping anker points / display monitor / atmospheric air cell sensor / sound deadened walls and ceiling and all set on a custom made platforms with ramps system .


The benefits of having our in-house dyno allows us to test vehicles under safe and controlled conditions. We carry out pre tune checks & data logging which generally includes boost / intake temperature / exhaust temperature / maf data / dpf pressure / afr , before going ahead to make sure the vehicle is in good basic mechanical condition. The dyno can quickly prove any obvious fault that could affect the vehicle by not benefitting fully from the remap or would be highlighted by the tune. 


Our tuning is tested / developed and proven via our dyno of which you receive a print out of the vehicles true gains within safe limits. 

From this we can verify the tune and its integrity at the time of its application to help reduce future issues.


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