We realise that ECU remapping can be a new involvement for many vehicle owners. If you have any queries, or require any advice, please feel free to call any time. Our aim is to make your decision easier for you and to give an honest and helpful answer about the benefits you could achieve. We start with a FREE health check which includes the checking of tyres & pressures / oil / coolant levels ect with every remap we also include a engine ECU diagnostic with data logging to make sure there are no existing faults with the vehicle to get the best from your remap and to complete piece of mind.

After your ECU upgrade to your vehicle you will enjoy:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved fuel economy for diesels
  • Safer overtaking



We are an Accredited Member of The DPF Doctor, leading the way in DPF Cleaning... So What Do We Do?

1. Identify the root cause of your DPF problem through our assessment.
2. Inform you of exactly what work is required, no guesswork.
3. Carry out the necessary repairs.
4. If required, we will perform our 3 Stage in-situ DPF clean.
5. Confirm the repair by analysing engine data.
6. Offer helpful advice about looking after your DPF.
7. We aim to provide a first-time fix every time. 



 Has your diesel car failed its MOT on emissions? As part of The DPF Doctor we can also offer our diesel intake extreme cleaning service. Its unique 2 stage solution from JLM Lubricants for Cleaning of the air intake, combustion chamber, intake valves, egr valve, throttle body, and variable turbo vanes of carbon build up & oil contamination. This applies to both diesels with or without a turbo.

Please read more details about this service if your vehicle Suffering from: Smoke under acceleration, Poor / uneven running, Over / Under boost, Limp mode after a blocked DPF.


Dyno trailed to restore power – Return improved MPG figures – Reduce smoke & help meet new MOT test limits – Fix turbo boost issues – Better throttle response.

Our service includes a system smoke test & data logged road test pre and post clean also a print out to show the results. Increased life span of delicate components such as catalysts and diesel particle filters (DPF). Less harmful emissions of hazardous exhaust gases. Suitable for all diesel engines, with or without turbo. No damage to catalysts or diesel particle filters.

Recommended use: Every 10,000 miles or once a year.


It’s not only cars vans truck & motorhomes we can tune but also TRACTORS & COMBINE HARVESTERS!

We are originally from a farming background as we started our apprenticeship in agricultural mechanics for a new holland main dealer .

Unleash the power from your agricultural workhorse to perform at its full potential!
Most tractors are purchased in power ratings which relate to their model number, this is mainly just software that restricts it from what harboured power it has to offer . We can tune these safely & efficiently using the latest tooling available.

This will aid you in towing / ploughing / traveling between farms & even save £££ on fuel bills . So why pay £1000’s for the next model up when we can tune your tractor to the same spec for a fraction of the price!

We have our own fully equipped mobile tuning van which allows us to supply this as a ‘on farm service’ so no down time or travelling costs.

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